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02:06pm 31/10/2004
  was there a song circle this year?  
08:37pm 10/10/2004
  i miss you guys!  
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Wow... just wow... 
12:14am 12/08/2004
  I've always known LJ was a great thing. But on a random interests search, who would have thought that I would have stumbled upon a GHS tiger band clarinets section community? o_O Well, I guess the clarinets always were the best-organized. Glad to see it's still that way!

I'm Liz, a graduate of Grissom in '99, a section leader my senior year. Glad to see the clarinets are still kickin' it strong! How are things in the ol' tiger band these days?
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One little thought 
10:37am 07/08/2004
  Section day was Great!!!  
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07:40pm 14/06/2004
mood: chipper
who wants to have a clarinet sleepover? i do.
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